Windows 10 - The Privacy Bruhaha

Much is being written about the default privacy/security settings of Windows 10 (i.e. your stuff appears to not be very private at all). For example:


There are a couple of things to bear in mind and to help try to make sense of this:

1 - these are the default settings and can (mostly) be changed

2 - this is the way of the future, others like Google and Apple already do similar things with your data

3 - be careful and pay attention to the options when installing any software

Sunday Is Pun Day

I do like puns; not sure if that is a British thing or not, but I do enjoy most types of wordplay. Thanks to the resources of the 'web, I can force this particular quirk of mine upon you, dear reader. Enjoy.


Windows 10 Updates - The Service Release

Now that Microsoft's latest version of Windows is officially out, we can see the update process in a little more detail. The Update Tuesday/Patch Tuesday schedule is not being used for Windows 10, instead  a series of "Service Releases" will be put out periodically (presumably with any urgent security patches being pushed out as needed).

The first Service Release looks to be coming soon at the end of August, with another possibly in October. The latter may bring some added features too, not just bug fixes and tweaks. The Service Release should not be confused with the older "Service Pack" concept, in which a large number of fixes (and sometimes functional changes) were "rolled up" and released as one big update.

AARP And Uber Sitting In A Tree...

Ride-share company Uber is striking up a partnership with AARP to get access to more drivers.
In an announcement light on details, Uber said Thursday it will begin working with Life Reimagined, an AARP group that promotes economic and social opportunities for its 1.2 million members, who will get special payments if they begin driving for Uber.

Life Reimagined doesn't have an age requirement, but its average member is 52 years old.


Microsoft Clippy Goes Apesh*t On Jimmy Fallon

Things got a little tense on the Tonight Show when Clippy (the animated paperclip "help" system from days of yore) showed up to help plug Windows 10. Clippy noticed Jimmy Fallon has a Mac on his desk, and you can see the result below.


Windows 10 Official Launch Site Is Live

If you have any questions about upgrading to Windows 10, you can now get answers straight from the horse so to speak, as Microsoft now has their Windows 10 launch site up and running. It's apparently getting hammered at the time of writing as it's a bit slow, but one would hope they will get that under control.

In addition, Neowin reports there is also an official Windows 10 quick guide available also.

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