The Apple Watch After A Week Of Use

Bloomberg's Josh Topolsky spent a week with the Apple watch and can tell you if it's worth your money in the short video below. I will break into full on Old Fart mode right here and tell you it looks way too "fiddly" for me, with my sausage fingers and bifocals - and I would extend that comment to any of this class of smartwatch devices. Digital watches were fine back in the day for telling time, but these digital wrist-borne accessories seem to me to just add a layer of complication to the concept of the smartphone, and that is addressed a bit in the video. These sort of devices are technological wonders to be sure, and while it's not something most of us actually need, I expect they will sell well - maybe very well. We love our new toys - especially, it seems, Apple toys.

Sunday Is Punday

I like puns. There, I said it - and the more groan-worthy, the better. I have been posting puns and other wordplay things on Facebook for a while, so I thought "Why let the blog readers off the hook?", and so here we are. These are mostly not mine, but are pulled from around the web and were created by smarter, more devious people than I....


Counting Your Blessings

What a quaint old concept, and yet counting your blessings can be a real anchor in an existence that can sometimes seem perverse, unfair and random. It may not magically make things better, or make bad things go away, but it helps give you a mindset, an outlook, that can better handle some of the curveballs life will throw you (and it will). Take time out to dwell on the good, and be thankful.



Old MacDonald Had A Drone...

A couple of words you probably did not expect to see together: "farming" and "drones". The remote controlled small aircraft we refer to as drones can be useful to farmers as well as the other uses we have seen them put to so far.
Agribotix, a startup that specializes in developing drone technology for agriculture, explains on their website that drones can snap images and maps of farmers’ fields, allowing them to observe the health of their crops, identify weeds and pests, and predict yields.
Sensefly, the drone-making company, boasts that the gadgets can produce clear photos, even when there is cloud cover, making it more desirable than the satellite imaging many farmers currently use to assess crop health.

Agribotix drone - image from


DIY Shaming

Don't get me wrong, Mrs Old Goat and I have done our fair share of DIY over the years - that is one of the perks of home ownership. But when we finally purchased the laminate flooring for our kitchen project, the awful truth dawned that yes, I would spend at least a couple of days crawling around on the floor, sweating alarmingly (I always do, nothing to actually be alarmed about) and re-establishing my love-hate relationship with the tools from that dusty corner of the garage.